Save with a click
Bookmark a page with a single click, and we will save multiple copies of it so you don't lose access to the content.
Read with comfort
Web pages are cluttered with menus, ads, comments, etc. We extract the main content from a page so you can read with ease.
Find with ease
Finding your bookmarks again can be tough. Powerful search, tagging, and context filtering features make it easy.

A few more reasons to get Crestify

Share a bookmark with your friends, or use it as a citation that won't disappear.
Tab Saving
Sometimes, bookmarking individual pages isn't enough. Reserve your browser state with tab saving.
Import bookmarks from your browser, or from Pocket, Instapaper, Readability & Pinboard.
Add the Crestify extension to Chrome, Opera, or Firefox, and bookmark pages with 1 click.
Improve your browsing experience!